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Madison Set Dancers House dance Nov. 19

November 5th 2017

Hello Madison Set Dancers, Please come to the next house dance on November 19, 2:00-5:00pm. It will be held at my parents' condo in Fitchburg, just off the intersection of Seminole Hwy and McKee Rd/County PD. We will have teaching by Claire, Ed Heffernan from Chicago, and Mike McElroy from Milwaukee. There should be room for two sets, so please RSVP to me at for the address. Hope to see you there! Claire The next Milwaukee set dance with live music will be November 25, wi ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers next house dance October 29

September 25th 2017

Bryan Whiting has offered to host a house dance on Sunday October 29, with enough room for 2 sets. He is located just south of downtown. Please RSVP to Alan at, who will keep tabs on the count of dancers and send you the time and address. First come, first serve! You'll also soon be hearing from Claire Rohr, who has plans to host a November 19 house dance. ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers next house dance September 24

August 18th 2017

Hope to see many of you dancing sets this weekend in Milwaukee at Irish Fest! If you are interested in the next Madison house dance on September 24, please RSVP to to get the address and time. As usual, beginners are welcome if you're prepared to jump right in and learn as you go from an experienced partner. Wear shoes that slide easily on a wood floor. Socks will do in a pinch :). Someone will likely organize a beginner-focused event this fall or winter, too. ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers House dance July 30

June 21st 2017

The June 18 house dance for beginners was a huge success! We had two full sets, more than half self-described "beginners," danced three whole sets, and lots of fun was had. Thanks to Theresa Murray for figuring out how to do all of the above in one go. Next up: a house dance on Sunday July 30, well-timed between the monthly Milwaukee 4th-Saturday dance and the upcoming blow-out set-dancing weekend at the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Let's try the same procedure again: please RSVP to to get the exa ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers House dance for beginners June 18

May 15th 2017

Jeanna has offered up her house for June 18! This time I'm doing the organizing for a beginner-oriented session, and Theresa Murray has agreed to take charge of the dancing that day. I'd say we can fit two sets in there, so how about let's put a cap of 20 people on this, aiming for a 50/50 mix of beginners and experienced dancers, to make things a lot easier and more fun for the beginners, partnering with someone who can nudge and guide. First come, first serve! Please RSVP to and if I don't know you ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers House Dance Sunday May 7th 2:00-5:00

April 26th 2017

Hello, I'm hosting a house dance on Sunday, May 7th, from 2:00-5:00.  You're welcome to stay for potluck dinner after the dance as well - please bring a dish to share.   Send me a message on facebook (Jeanna Schultz) or email me at to let me know that you can make it and I'll respond with my address! Hope to dance with you soon, Jeanna ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers April 9 house dance details

March 18th 2017

Bryan Whiting will be hosting sets at his house in Madison on April 9 starting at 2 pm, through 4:30 or so. For location details please RSVP directly to Bryan at or 608-258-9732 so he can get an idea of how many are coming. See you there! ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers house dance moved to April 9. Opportunity this Sunday March 12

March 9th 2017

Update: Bryan Whiting is moving the date of his upcoming house dance to April 9, instead of March 26. Also: depending on your collective turnout, there could be a spontaneous set-dancing opportunity at the annual St. Pat's Eve fundraiser event this Sunday at the Brink Lounge when Capitol Ceili Band performs there at 5:00 pm. More info here: No calling or instruction at 5:00, but live dance music optimal for whatever sets you want to dance! Then at 6:15 pm there will b ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers next house dance March 26, other upcoming dates

February 26th 2017

Bryan Whiting announces he will host another house dance for us on March 26! Hold the date for now, details coming later. Also the Celtic Cultural Center of Madison is hosting the annual St. Pat's Eve festival on March 12 at the Brink Lounge (see and it will conclude with a set-dancing opportunity to live music from Capitol Ceili Band. You may also want to be aware that this year's North American Comhaltas convention is going to be held in Chicago April 20-23, and it ...Continue Reading

Madison Set Dancers Next house dance Sunday Dec 11

November 30th 2016

Next up is a a small house dance, aimed especially at newer dancers, hosted at Alan Ng's wee abode in Madison. Just enough room for one set and a few resting on the sideline. We'll have several experienced dancers on hand to make the learning faster and easier. Theresa Murray has offered to take the lead on that this time. Hold your calendars for Sunday Dec. 11, 2 pm. To learn the address, please RSVP to Alan Ng at so he has some idea of how many are coming. ...Continue Reading